Stick With Your Kid by: Dr. Marvin E. Gantt How to raise reliable, responsible, considerate and independent children with effort, insight and information. In advanced societies, cooperation, invention and survival hinges on the progress parents make in successfully developing their offspring, while cultivating themselves in the process. $19.97 - BUY BOOK
Discover the ability to be aware enough to anticipate problems is an advantage. Attempt to consider the types of environments the child will encounter and prepare them for the experience.
Consider your resources while searching for your needs. Even though good information may come from various sources, focus upon what you need to know about the child's safety, education and wellness.
Develop actions and activities that will assist in accomplishing tasks and challenges. What ever is done to reduce the difficulty will increase the productivity.
the story

Go on a Journey

Would you want your child to understand their potential and be in a position to successfully pursue it by the time they leave the nest?
Here you will find some resources and insightful information. These tools and approaches for parents can lead a child toward their best potential.
This can be accomplished several ways. Begin by staying involved with a child and tuning into their needs. Continue to gather helpful information to apply in appropriate situations that concern you and your child. Understand that kinetic actions create motivation for strategic planning towards your child personal development.


Overview of book

*Conceiving the problem
*Structure of the procedure
*Structural components
*How to address capacity
*Structure and components of the initiative
*How to address capacity wisely

"Stick with your kid" Contains charted graphs and suggestions that provide necessary information and direction to empower parents to enrich the lives of their offsprings and cultivate themselves in the process. Developing capacity in children requires a conscious attitude for reaching many possibilities.

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About author
Dr. Marvin E. Gantt
Dr. Marvin E. Gantt currently resides in the Atlanta, Georgia area. In his Educational career he served professionally as a English teacher, an Athletic coach, Principal and Director in Essex County and Camden County New Jersey. His formal education began at Western Colorado State University where he received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and in the Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation and he received his Master Of Arts Degree in Education at WCSU. He attended Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey to obtain his Administrative Certificate. At Nova South Eastern University,  he completed his  Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership and Change.

“Maintaining a good relationship is a day by day task to recognize growth,

weekly learning, successes, and respectfulness.”

– Dr Marvin E. Gantt

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